How to create the best possible live-set up for my musical intention where one avoids being tied to a set form, at the same time as it facilitates a larger interaction between myself as a live performer, the electronic measures and my audience?

//What I expect to achieve with the project___

– Compare how different production techniques and sound effects fit into my personalised musical expression.

– Explore different methods of mapping and find out what is the most pragmatic way to set up this particular project.

– Research how different controllers fit/personalise my live setup.

– Explore the possibilities for integration/connection/conveying through additional live visuals.

– Extensively explore the functionalities and possibilities through using Ableton Live and electronic controllers, with the main goal to develop my own unique project sound.

– Develop a set up that allows me to stretch form and content at the same time as conveying a soundscape mood or particular message/ being present & communicating with my audience physically as well as musically as I am a person who likes to move.


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