//The START__


//GRINDER TEETH__ is a Live performance & improvisation-based project with the intention to move between lines of live improvisation and pre-programmed studio produced song material.

The main focus of the project lies in exploring how to use electronic measures without using the traditional instrument to develop and convey the live-element of the performance to the audience. Coherently it is emphasised to avoid stagnation and un-passionate live-expression.

The artistic goal is to primarily create a contact to and communication with the audience, where a message or mood of importance is being conveyed to the audience. The use of lyrical text plays an important part, something that is expressed through the vocals who moves between what can be perceived as beat-poetry, rap and spoken word. It is often portrayed as sound poetry, through improvisation performed over diverse background sampling and loops.

With the thought that through this take I will be able to always variate my live sets and never play completely the same or get bored or bore my audience, by keeping part of it live improvisation. I have always also enjoyed live improvisation as from being introduced to the concept switching from playing classical to jazz piano when I was seventeen years old. The concept of creating something unique live in the moment, by letting your instincts and body lead your musical thoughts have always been appealing and magical to me.

I came into Live electronics relatively blank page. Slightly familiar with Ableton and the live production side of music being accustomed to using programs such as Logic Pro & Pro Tools. I wished to learn Ableton as I perceived it as a more practical production tool, more creative and live friendly that would really broaden the musical possibilities.


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