The inspiration forming the piece ‘Memory Of Flesh’ came from reading two individual articles who have morphed together with a touch of my own thoughts and expression.

The first of them was Russian Dj Nina Kravitz writing for groove magazine on the topic of ‘Inspiration’. But the piece also speaks about the first touch, first light. How we as humans tend to form a thick skin for protection after being stung by bad experience, and how these layers of protective foundation that we put up may be keeping us from truly experiencing inspiration and life fully again if we cant bring ourselves to sometimes lower these walls and let the pains and pleasures that is a crucial part of  life in.

Hence the lyrical lines:

‘Do you feel me, Shedding these layers of skin

Now do you believe me, will you let it in’

from the first part of the piece.


‘Your skin like armour corroded,

Hard like systemic Sclerosis’

(Systemic Sclerosis is an extremely disease that causes the skin to become hard)

from the second part.

You can read the piece in full here:


The second text was a piece by The Verge entitled “Memory In The Flesh” (where I also drew inspiration for the title of my piece’) on the scientific experiments of scientists James McConnel & Michael Levin, and the slightly morbid theory that memory has the ability to exist outside the brain, travelling through flesh. McConnel conducted experiments with the common freshwater flatworms who have a centralised brain. By training the behaviour of one flatworm to then cut of its tail and feed it to another worm to see whether the new worm would exhibit signs of the same behaviour he attempted to prove that memory, can in fact travel outside the brain. His research and findings have been disputed as showing to weak results, but interesting all the same.

You can read this piece in full here:


These two texts form the inspiration and background for  the piece I will be performing for my exam concert at the national jazzscene, blending together with some of my own thoughts and development they form the lyrical background for  ‘Memory Of Flesh’ ((KIME)).


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