One of the main goals with this project and what was initially one of the main things that I wanted to learn through participating in the Live electronics course was was to expand the possibilities to live improvise as a solo performer. I have seen numerous “electronic” shows that have felt static, boring and unoriginal where I have felt like there was literally now live aspect or feel and this is what I wanted to avoid. Its a criticism that the electronic field is often faced with, but for me the biggest reason for wanting to find measures to avoid this is that I find it boring watching, I find it boring playing. Its not communicating. Connecting with the audience. And for me that has always been the main point of and what I love about playing live. The raw energy and sheer presence that you feel when attending or playing a really good live performance.

I for instance find inspiration in performers such as Australian ‘Kucka’ and Mei Saraswati who are creating, performing and playing with similar concepts.

I also wanted to expand on the possibilities for live improvisation to keep live performing challenging, present and fluent. Where you can create something in an instant, that might never exist in exactly the same way again. I draw a lot of inspiration from Norwegian Jazzguitarist Stian Westerhus who largely freely improvises his live sets and by doing so for years is an incredibly experienced live improviser who creates beautiful and unique musical moments, that are present and then may never exist again. Some of his solo shows have been my favourite shows.

As someone who wishes to do a great deal of live improvisation I found huge opportunities and creative use of utilising the Ableton looper with mapping it to a controller. Layering mainly vocals, to create harmonies, rhythms and soundscapes,  is one of the ground pilars forming the  building blocks in the first part of my exam piece ‘Memory Of Flesh’ ((KIME)) entitled //Hudløs___ and something that has naturally developed through experimenting with improvisation. Though I also play quite a few instrument Ive always really liked using my voice and looking for new ways to use it and tweak how its sounding. By using effect tracks and the looper I can build the whole backbone for a song or musical piece only by using my voice, and utilising my voice with effects to almost make it sound like an instrument of it own. Its also something that enables me to make rhythms and harmonies really quickly, that sounds really raw and unpolished and has a tone that I really like, something thats become a crucial part of my sound and live expression.


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