When suddenly no longer being in a band, but instead becoming a solo performer who relies heavily on previously made programming and live electronics I have had to further develop my production skills and learned a lot along the way.

When studying music production in my last year of my bachelor at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts I was largely working with bands in a band setting, using programs such as Logic Pro and Pro Tools and often collaborating with students studying at the schools sound tech degree. Therefore I had made some previous experiences (like the fact that the snare sound for some reason always seems to be a problem and is incredibly difficult to get right/get it to sound like it does in your mind), and I was familiar with the production process, but I was relatively new to looking at it from a beat-based direction and using Ableton Live.

I have spent time learning tricks to improve and set up my sessions, like loading clips into RAM to increase speed, using multi-core support, adjusting sample rate & buffer size and freezing and flattening tracks for instance. I have received som great guidance and I have also spent a great deal of time watching really boring youtube tutorials on how to EQ & mix your sets for Live performance. Instrument & beat wise I have always had a clear idea of what I want it to sound like and so a large part of the production process for me has consisted of exploring midi-instruments and finding out how to get there rather then contemplating to much time to thinking about what it should sound like.

I am very pleased with the current results and what the music now actually sounds like. I also feel like I have naturally developed some live techniques that are contributing to creating an own sound for this project, particular with vocals, as a direct consequence of doing a lot of improvising and natural part of the project


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